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05 July 2010

Well played, Mr. Corgi...

Hey, you know what's funny? When your dog decides to wake you up at six by howling as if the house is being attacked by wild bears.

Then when you're finished calming your crying three-year-old, she, naturally, is too jacked to go back to sleep and looks at you adorably and says "Daddy, please play with me" in a tone you KNOW you'd never refuse in a million years because only Ursula from The Little Mermaid could refuse a request like that.

And then when you stagger into the living room with half-open eyes still teary from lack of sleep, you see your corgi, satisfied that the danger has been cleared, trotting back into the bedroom to get the two hours of sleep most NORMAL PEOPLE GET ON A LONG WEEKEND.

Funny, right? Ha ha ha! *whimper*

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