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27 July 2010

This is why memory is kind, or, "Nice hair, Glenn..."

This article on the Squeeze reunion led me to reminisce about one of my fave albums from my high school years, Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti, which I realize is considered an aberration by Squeeze fans but was the only one of theirs I really liked (the next one was OK but my interest quickly faded). I remember being taken in by "Hits of The Year" once on MTV and immediately running out to get the cassette.

So once again, foregoing my rule, I sought out the video. Holy fucking shit.

The hair, the dancing (I hope the boys are taking the piss here), the stock footage. There are more bad choices in this video than my entire time in college. And I'm including the clothes.

Once I clean my eyes with limestone and salt, I'll be quick to re-download the album. I still love that song.

But let this be a lesson to all of you looking to re-experience the pleasant memories you associate with childhood. DON'T!

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