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15 December 2005

All things being equal, I'd prefer a bittersweet Ang Lee movie...

I went home at lunch today as the snow was turning to sleet in Charlottesville. It looks so nice and wintry around our house...

Just hope the power holds up.

14 December 2005

Why should I bother?

Does the world need another tiresome post about how much bullshit the "war on Christmas" is? My brother has already said it perfectly, and CmdrSue has the retail aspect of it wrapped up, so go read them.

There is one thing, though. I don't think I want to concede the phrase "Merry Christmas" to The Blotch.

To me, Merry Christmas = Happy Holidays; I use them interchangably, and when I do say "MC" it's not to fulfill the belligerent, ass-holy agenda O'Reilly and his ilk have concocted. And I used it first. So to be fair, they need another holiday greeting...

How about "Suck it, kike"? No wait, that's not inclusive enough. "Suck it, homo"? That's better, because it can either be accurate or perjorative, but it doesn't capture O'Reilly's love of harassing women.

"Eat me"? No, that's a Thanksgiving greeting (see post below).

Maybe a simple "fuck you" will suffice the next time you're out at the stores. Of course, any true Christian would know the real meaning of Christmas...

...and certainly wouldn't exploit the holiday by offering items for sale...wait a fucking minute, it says "holiday gift list" RIGHT ON THE FRONT FUCKING PAGE! WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT BLOOTCHY MESS THINK HE IS??