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27 July 2011

Today's news, in sonnet. (Impending doom edition.)

Our world is coming to an end
'cause the Repubs are insane
What made them go so 'round the bend?
Let's listen to Mr. Caine.

Goodbye, Amy. What a voice.
And I must say, what a waste.
Wonder if you get a choice
along with that first showbiz taste.

To our next ex-congressman
I say good riddance, and what nerve
Couldn't have picked a worse time when
you showed us you're such a perv.

So the world ends. Well, I'll say
at least there won't be Michael Bay.

26 July 2011

For all the good it's going to do, I did it anyway...

Yep, called Robert Hurt's office again to tell the congressman to stop wasting the American people's time with these ridiculous balanced budget amendment votes. Just like before, the aide was polite and spent an inordinate amount of time getting my address right, so you may as well call, since they don't seem interested in starting arguments.

I did note in my call that I understood that the congressman's line may have been inundated with Tea Party calls but that they were probably disproportionately large compared to the makeup of his district. Given the congressman's not-always-lovey-dovey relationship with the 'baggers, it might be something to mention.

21 July 2011

As odd as it may be for someone on the Internet to write this, I'm going to keep it in my pants.

Libs are already all excited about getting angry about the Obama-Orange Goblin deal, but I'm adopting a "wait and see and may as well start the squat thrusts in preparation for what's to come" attitude.

A few things are going to be certain if a deal is struck: a) firebaggers won't like it; b) teabaggers won't like it; c) the media will not point out that Republicans brought the entire financial world to a panic over what used to be a basic procedural vote and d) Obama will come out of it as the only grown-up in the room.

And as much as I can understand the libs' frustration over d), I say thank fucking Christ there's a grown-up left in Washington.

19 July 2011

Well, it's official...our congressman is an idiot.

And apparently proud of it.

His predecessor took a lot of tough votes that actually did some good and created jobs in our district but paid a political price for it. This joker seems to be content to wank off the Tea Party and waste everyone's time with a bill that will never become law.

I'd like to think he'd be ashamed of this charade, but judging from what I could stomach to read from that press release, he's not. So here's a book you can send him...

14 July 2011

If our society has to end, at least let it end with a Cantor smackdown...

I've got no problem with Obama shoving it right back in Cantor's oh-so-punchable face.

At the same time, I have no idea how it's going to play out. Will the corporate overlords eventually yank Cantor's leash back and tell him to behave, or has he gone all in with the teatards?

All I know, is if Glenn Beck can make a buck off the crazies, why can't I? So please tell your idiot neighbors to come here and click on the link below so they can stock up their survival bunkers!

12 July 2011

You know we're fucked, right?

I mean, if it's true that Eric Cantor has veto power over the debt deal, we may as well stock up on iodine pills now.

It's not simply that he's a hyperpartisan and an idiot, it's that he has financial interest in the U.S.'s economic collapse.

Needless to say, when we're scurrying out gathering roots to take back to our basement bunkers, someone will mention that Obama should have been a better negotiator...

08 July 2011

Slouching towards idiocracy...

It seems that the Republican plan to make sure nothing gets done so they can run on Obama getting nothing done is working, and the truly sad thing is they're not getting called on it. I've argued so many times with my liberal friends about Obama that I may as well repeat it here, how the fuck do you negotiate on an economic deal when one side is perfectly willing to let the country go to shit to "prove a point"? Especially when the Repubs can just as easily blame Obama for it?

06 July 2011

Just back from vacay and a little wiped... let's just make this another edition of what John Cole said.

And anyone who still calls themselves a Republican is just an asshole. Really, you’ve had ample time to figure out your party is run by maniacs. If you’re still sticking around because the “Democrats are worse” or you think the party can turn it around or because you fancy yourself a small “c” conservative or you are a glibertarian or because you hate taxes or you think Dennis Kucinich is weird (he is), you’re just an asshole. And incredibly stupid.

It is a little harsh, wait, I take that back, it's fine.