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23 September 2007

Don't taze me, bro! I just want to tell the Senator about Nevsky's Top Ten!

10) The Fall, "Youwanner"
9) The Pretenders, "Mystery Achievement"
8) The Cars, "Bye Bye Love"
7) Busta Rhymes, "Get Out!!"
6) Bob Mould, "Reflecting Pool"
5) Paul Kelly, "Dumb Things"
4) Bright Eyes, "If The Brakeman Turns My Way"
3) Seal, "Prayer For The Dying"
2) Aimee Mann, "Ghost World"
1) Bob Dylan, "Days of 49"
2 + 2 = 500!

I just noticed that my last post was No. 500 for this ol' blog.

I should say that had I known I was reaching such a significant milestone, I would have done something a bit more substantial than make cheap Larry Craig jokes.

But I know myself too well...

05 September 2007

I don't give a shit about Senator Craig's sex life. And neither should you.

Or the Republicans who are insisting he retire. But if that's what can force you out, they should at least be consistent and get David Vitter to go too.

And it seems to me that if Craig WERE gay, and admitted as much, he could go have as much homosexual sex with gay men of the same gender as he wanted without tapping out Morse Code in airport bathrooms...