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26 April 2007

Watch out, Repubs!! Here comes Jimmy!

That's right! Jim Gilmore, my former governor, with his unique blend of blandness and incompetence, has entered the race for the Republican presidential nomination, immediately vaulting into nth place (n = # of current Republican candidates)...

22 April 2007

Who needs another post on this?

Since a bulk of the posts on the tragedy at Virginia Tech have been of the "This is precisely the reason why we must (insert pet agenda here)" stripe, I really don't feel the need to contribute to the noise, but having subjected myself to this noise over the week, as distasteful as I've found many posts on both sides of the issue, one thing sticks in my craw.

As a former university instructor and a person who remains in a university town, the idea that the solution to events like these is to let students have concealed weapons is simply breathtaking in its idiocy. In my undistinguished, short, and pedestrian career, without thinking too hard I recall three occasions when a student made me uncomfortable over a situation that I wouldn't have considered important enough to become emotional about. I find it hard to believe that advocates of this plan would really want to put their security in the hands of young adults who are, for the most part, learning to become responsible, but based on my observations, aren't there yet. Don't even get me started about the presence of alcohol.

But we can agree to disagree. Ted Nugent wrote an article on this for, and although I couldn't disagree more, Ted Nugent is hardly a hypocrite on the issue. After all, his concerts are famous for being "gun-free-free" zones, where concertgoers are welcome to bring in as many guns as they want to protect the Nuge from anybody who might decide to cause trouble by bringing a gun to a Ted Nugent concert.

14 April 2007

Shed no tears for Imus...

...for five gets you ten he gets a new job with Sirius within three months.

And I was just thinking, how many of us have a job where we could say "nappy-headed ho" to somebody and NOT be fired?

And the most obnoxious argument from these obnoxious apologists is "Well, they say that in rap music!" So fucking what? If I call someone a fucking asshole at work, and my excuse is "Well, they say that on The Sopranos!", does that make it OK?

11 April 2007

I've got a fever, and the only cure is more Nevsky's Top Ten...

10) Michael Penn, "Seen The Doctor"
9) Blue Oyster Cult, "(Don't Fear) The Reaper"
8) Mai Yamane, "Blue"
7) Sprites, "I Love You, You Retard"
6) De La Soul, "In The Woods"
5) Billy Bragg, "Sexuality"
4) Steve Conte, "Call Me Call Me"
3) Ryan Adams, "Burning Photographs"
2) Echo and The Bunnymen, "I Want To Be There (When You Come)"
1) John Rzeznik, "I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme)"

09 April 2007

Taking a bold stand, I am...

To the question, "Should Imus be fired for his racist remarks?", I answered no.

He should be fired because he hasn't been funny since that week he imitated Howard Stern word for word in 1986...

04 April 2007

File this under "dammit"...

Bob Clark, director of A Christmas Story, was killed by a drunk driver this morning. His son died in the accident as well.

I don't have the heart to go find that old Darren McGavin clip again...
Just a couple of thoughts...

If Junior were actually concerned about the troops not receiving funding, couldn't he just, you know, SIGN THE FUNDING BILL?

Since the provision he doesn't like is non-binding, he can just ignore it. Of course, he's had no problem ignoring the parts of bills he didn't like in the past through signing statements, so why not do that again?

Or maybe, just maybe, this has nothing to do with the troops and everything to do with his ego. To which I hope Harry Reid says, just fucking man up.

Oh, sorry, he already did.