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24 May 2011

Cup of coffee in the big time...

Going through some old youtubes of Macho Man promos, this one sticks out. Truly, we lost a genius...

20 May 2011

I'm sure God called you early because She needs you to drop the Big Elbow on evildoers...

I'm really getting sick and fucking tired of bits of my childhood dying. RIP, Macho Man.

It's especially tragic because unlike many of his peers, and even in the case of the lovely Elizabeth, drugs apparently only played a peripheral part of his passing.

I remember coming to school after WrestleMania III; although the main event was the iconic Hogan/Andre battle, everyone at school was talking about Savage/Steamboat. The match has a bit of an inflated reputation (the Flair/Steamboat matches of '89 put it to shame), but it still holds up as an exciting match between two awesome workers.

19 May 2011

More local business fluffery...

Because great businesses run by nice people should always be promoted, I give you, Quinn's Barbecue, the new operation run by the faboo owners of the Horse & Hound Gastropub, one of my favorite C-Ville eateries.

Keep them in mind for your next function...

16 May 2011

Today's news, in sonnet.

All that shit and Trump's not running?
Who will be our racist jerk?
Ah, for that spot Newt is gunning.
C'mon, Romney, get to work!

Huckabee is out as well?
Damn you Michael, straight to hell!
You might think privacy's swell,
but some of us have shirts to sell!

Hawking says no afterlife
And we will all just die some day

Relax, Christians, stop the strife
What's he, some smart guy, anyway?

Hey nerds, PSN is working!
Let's wipe our hands and stop the jerking!

15 May 2011

The video description says it's a border collie...

...but I knows me a corgi when I see one.

13 May 2011

Of course Palin's going to have a problem with a guy who goes by the name Common Sense...

I don't really have the energy to deal with Palin's race-baiting bullshit, except to say that anyone with even a passing knowledge of Common's work sees the ridiculousness of the complaints. Of course, to the right-wing base any rapper who's not Will Smith equals N.W.A.

Which is why I think the next MC Obama invites to the White House should be Dead Mike:

10 May 2011

Another reason Sarah Palin really, really sucks.

Really, you've got a problem with Common? Haters just gotta hate, I guess.

05 May 2011

I didn't realize ordering Navy SEALs to shoot a guy in the eye was pussyfooting, but hey, that's why I was never governor of Alaska...

I think ol' Sarah's finally jumped the shark with this tweet...

02 May 2011

Holy fuck, bin Laden's dead...

Last night, I turned in early as we had a long ride back from the Tribeca Film Festival. Mrs. came in to bed a couple of hours later...

"Honey, did you see the news?"
"They killed bin Laden."

And so when I checked the news this morning, it was just like the subject line. So while that fucker's roasting in hell, I relished Americans coming together, even the most partisan adversaries cheering as one. Naturally, I mean Phillies and Mets fans.

And if this has the added bonus of getting Trump to shut the fuck up, then this is truly the most accomplished administration in Presidential history.