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09 February 2011

Another reason to buy WahooQ sauce besides the fact that it's so damned delicious.

I love Charlottesville, just love it. One of the many things I love is that you unwittingly get to know and rub shoulders with so many local successes (for example, the Mrs. is good friends with the owners of the Horse & Hound Gastropub).

A couple of weeks back at my local poker game I noticed the hosts had a bottle of WahooQ sauce on their counter; I had just purchased a bottle myself as a gift and noted that it was really tasty. Turns out one of our players makes the stuff.

So don't just buy WahooQ because it would make a plate of steamed assholes taste good. Buy it because the owner's a real nice guy too.

You can get it at the Organic Butcher or Relay Foods.

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