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31 July 2005

I think Mr. Gilliard...

..has the perfect slogan for Senator Santorum. Rick probably will never use it, since it's all accurate and shit...

26 July 2005

Are Virginians finally waking up?

I was as surprised as anyone that a new poll shows Tim Kaine in a statistical tie with Jerry Kilgore. I mean, Kaine destroyed Kilgore in a debate where Kilgore not only insisted that independent candidate Russell Potts not attend, but also that the event not be televised, yet we all know that winning a debate doesn't mean anything in this modern political landscape. What's surprising to me is that perhaps, just perhaps, people are comparing Mark Warner to Jim Gilmore and realizing that a vote for Kilgore is a vote for a return to ideology over common sense (which may also be why Potts, a former Republican running as an independent moderate, is doing so well).

I won't hold my breath, Virginians have voted time and time again against their own best interests, and God bless Howard Dean, but I can't talk about this sort of stuff without getting angry anymore. I'll throw Kaine some cash, though (and so can you with the link to the right)...

20 July 2005


Via DigitalBits I found this blog with the list of cartoons for the third Golden Collection of Looney Tunes. While I successfully resisted purchase of Volume Two despite Show Biz Bugs (too many Road Runner cartoons), this one has some of the weirder cartoons I just happen to like (Bowery Bugs, Wideo Wabbit, Hare Tonic).

Did they go through all the Yosemite Sam cartoons already? He's noticeably absent on this volume. Speedy Gonzales made the cut though...

Guess I'll trip, and trip, and trip over to my wishlist...

15 July 2005

"Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty and meet me tonight in Atlantic City..."

You all have a good weekend, as Mrs. Nevskaya and I are going to meet sis and bro in the Best Little Shithole in New Jersey, where the grown men ain't afraid to cry, the buffets test the strongest of stomachs, and just try to get between granny and her slot machine.

Should be a blast.
I'm sure it won't matter a lick in VA-5...

...that questions are arising about the money Virgil Goode received from defense contractor MZM (go to Local News, scroll down to July 11). After all, he's our beloved congressman, who...I'm sure he did something....there was that time...oh, yeah, he did introduce legislation to make English the official language in America (whew!) and call on National Guard troops to patrol the Canadian border ("drop those loonies and put your hands up!")

Well, anyway, he's going to return the icky money, which in our fair and balanced media would make him a flip-flopper, right?

You also may want to look at Waldo Jaquith's detailed, in-depth analysis if you're the sort of person who still expects ethical behavior from our elected officials.

14 July 2005

No hyperbole here... say that Rep. Tom Reynolds of New York is participating in the stonewalling of the Rove investigation, and thus, utilizing Republican "either you're with us or against us" logic, hates America. And freedom.

Apparently, there's a website devoted to keeping an eye on Reynolds.

And I don't know if Jack Davis will be running against this guy again, but I hope it's someone with cash.

12 July 2005

Oh Lord, spare me their fake outrage...

Really, is there anything more tiresome than Republicans pretended to be offended by things? Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean, even relatively mild comments get Republicans out of their daylight coffins in order to offer their huffy conniptions. It would be laughable if there weren't real things to be upset about...

How 'bout treason, for starters? I mean, real Republicans, who supposedly love freedom and America, should be yelling the loudest for a full investigation and wonder about the apparent stonewalling of the current administration, correct?

How about the fact that kids are going hungry in America? This article was on Yahoo for about 15 minutes a month ago and now this is the ONLY example I can find on the Web after doing a News Google search. We could waste our time wondering why this article isn't more widely know, but let's all agree that in 21st century America children going hungry is a disgrace. Oh, this article got replaced in Yahoo with, you guessed it, Cheney ripping on Dean.

I'm sure Bush will comment on either of these stories soon...but while I'm holding my breath I'll donate to my local food bank.

10 July 2005

Here is London, giddy London, is it home of the free or what?

My bro and Matt have already written lovely posts, and my wife and I simply adore that city, with all its wankers, tossers, benders, fucking Dr White honkin' jam-rag fucking spunk-bubbles, and geezers.

We wish you all the best...

04 July 2005

Happy Independence Day!

Besides having a nice quiet day with my wife, I'm celebrating by donating to Howard Dean and the DNC for independence from the incompetent, terrorist-supporting, troop-hating Bush administration.

And let us pay tribute to our Founding Fathers by continuing to fight for their liberal principles.

02 July 2005

16 days...

...with nary a post? What's up? Who gives a sweet fuck? As Ricky Roma would say, "What's the fucking point?"

I like my little corner, I really do, but hundreds do it better, so when the outrages come fast and furious, enough scramble to cover the latest one by the time I grab my thoughts together it's not only redundnant, it's repetitive. That doesn't bother me, what does is the plummeting level of discourse in this country. Granted, that's nothing new, but it's been seeping into my real life. How can one discuss things with people who believe in the Rapture? And I don't mean nouvelle-American-at-reasonable-prices with pet-friendly-outdoor-seating Rapture. People around here need a good smack upside the head with a Homey-The-Clown inflated bladder stuffed with quarters. And if I never heard another wingnut's fake outrage it would be too soon. Yes, I live in Virginia, and I can walk down the street without fear of homos getting married. I think that's our state motto, "Live Without Fear of Marryin' Homos". Of course, it sucks for all those closeted Republicans like Ed Schrock, forced to live a double life, but hey, they made their bed.

I'm a Yankee, I know it, it doesn't matter how long I live in VA, I'll always say "War of Nothern Aggression" while rolling my eyes. And I've lived in states where Republicans ruled, somewhat effectively I may add. New Jersey, Maine, I thought I could deal. But it's fucking loony down here. I mean loony. I was expecting Kevin Phillips-Bong but we got Tarquin Fintimlimbinwhinbimlin-bustop F'tang F'tang Ole Biscuitbarrel. Loony, I tells ya. I moved down here ten years ago to streets festooned with "NO CAR TAX!" signs; Jim Gilmore won the governorship with that slogan. I think that's all he had. No public appearances, no tv spots, just a bunch of signs that said NO CAR TAX! And maybe a sign or two that said
"My Opponent's a liberal. And gay. But I'm not." He won big. And ran this state into the fucking ground. Mind you, he did cut the car tax, which I'm sure was a relief to the hundreds of thousands like me that saved $50 on their 7-year-old cars only to take it up the tush as a first-time homebuyer with huge property tax hikes to compensate for the enormous shortfall. Being the worst governor in Virginia is saying something, mind you. It was, however, one of the few points in the state's history where the retarded idea of limiting governors to one term in office had its upside. How shitty was Gilmore as a governor? Virginians elected a Democrat, Mark Warner, who balanced the budget, made all the tough choices Gilmore refused to make, and returned this state to solvency. We have one of the highest bond ratings in the country. Even Republicans broke ranks with their bibble-bibble-oatbran party in order to support this; Warner got a cut in the food tax (how fucked we are example #38, we paid higher taxes on food than cigarettes, yeah I know, tobacco farmers, don't care). But Warner leaves in November.

So we've got a new race, Jerry Kilgore v. Tim Kaine. Now, you'd think, maybe, just maybe, people would say "well, as an economic conservative, my natural urge is to vote Republican, but Kilgore comes from that hyper-radical wing of the Republican party that looks simply to cut progressive taxes that favor the rich without compensatory budget measures. We've already seen how much damage this can do after four years in Virginia, and for that matter, five years on a federal level. While I'm also conservative on social issues, the fact is both state houses are so overwhelmingly Republican the Bills are going to win the Super Bowl before homos get married here, so why not make a vote for common sense, and go with the party that has illustrated they understand how to run the government in this state?"

Ok, maybe I'm the only that thinks that should happen. Hence the frustration.

Mind you, the "call the other guy a liberal and faglover" strategy would probably get the Gobbledygooker 51% of the vote here. I just wish the VA Republican party would run someone that charismatic and intelligent. Once John Warner retires, the Virginia Republican party will be represented by Gilmore and Kilgore, toady li'l crapweasels that have put in their time but I wouldn't trust to run my local McDonald's, and cretins like George Allen and Virgil Goode, vacuous dimbulbs whose reputation as lightweights in Congress is masked by their spindly, pale, Ashley Wilkes-esque physical appearance which passes for good (in)breeding down here in the South. I feel for those that are working to try to save us from ourselves, I'm starting to think that we're just doomed to get the representatives we deserve, and maybe I'd be better served just devoting more time to a new hobby. How about rims? Kids seem to like the rims. My '95 Saturn does need some sprucing up...

I'm tired, I'm going to crawl back under my bed now. Talk to you in 16 days.