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26 July 2005

Are Virginians finally waking up?

I was as surprised as anyone that a new poll shows Tim Kaine in a statistical tie with Jerry Kilgore. I mean, Kaine destroyed Kilgore in a debate where Kilgore not only insisted that independent candidate Russell Potts not attend, but also that the event not be televised, yet we all know that winning a debate doesn't mean anything in this modern political landscape. What's surprising to me is that perhaps, just perhaps, people are comparing Mark Warner to Jim Gilmore and realizing that a vote for Kilgore is a vote for a return to ideology over common sense (which may also be why Potts, a former Republican running as an independent moderate, is doing so well).

I won't hold my breath, Virginians have voted time and time again against their own best interests, and God bless Howard Dean, but I can't talk about this sort of stuff without getting angry anymore. I'll throw Kaine some cash, though (and so can you with the link to the right)...

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