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04 April 2011

JPA Bridge commiseration thread...

OK, it's one day in so far and as a JPA Extended resident I'm ready to officially declare this a big ol' pain in the ass.

The obvious choice for a detour was Shamrock Road, but since a crew is working on THAT road as well, it just made the new commute all the more interminable.

So how are you changing your commute?


thomas said...

Smug cyclist here: no change for pedestrians or cyclists. They can still use the bridge for now. HOWEVER, if you want to know a way to get to Fontaine via car... take Stribling all the way down the windy dirt road. It kicks you out by the Fontaine Research Park. But shh... not too many people know of that shortcut.

nevsky42 said...

Right now, I don't blame you for being smug. ;)

I am aware of Stribling Road Extended but don't think it's worth the bother. I saw some people exiting out SRE and taking a left towards the bypass, which I think is just dangerous.

I've resigned myself to trying to have a zen attitude about the whole thing...