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22 August 2007

Who says we're a divided country?

Red and blue states agree that Giuliani is a big douchebag!

Having been served bowl after bowl of "Everyone Hates Hilary" goulash (and no Hilary fan I), I'm surprised my home state, Virginia, has her up, since they've had no problem electing the ilk of Jim Gilmore and Virgil Goode. Well, if you're hated by half the country, I guess your hope is that your opponent is hated by 55%...

20 August 2007

Ok, let's settle this right now...

I think this is hilarious, my brother doesn't. And I had no idea this was a parody of a real game show, so that's no factor. Who's right?

15 August 2007

Hey kids, more fun than a punch in the junk, it's time again for "What's Ickier?"

And this is a special "I wish to God I was kidding" edition!

*First, we have an upcoming movie featuring Mary-Kate Olson and Ben Kingsley kissing.

*Or, we have an Uwe Boll movie (bad enough, you'd think) featuring "Kids In The Hall" and "Newsradio" star Dave Foley in a full frontal nude scene. Scratching himself.

You guys start the clock, I'm busy trying to remember how to tie a slipknot...

09 August 2007

Hear that, soldiers? You can come home!

Because helping Mitt Romney get elected president is just like fighting in Iraq. Or something, I'm not sure. His answer didn't make much sense...

Seriously, how is this Twinkie a front-runner? McCain should be ashamed of himself...

Dammit, I keep fucking up my Google Ads with these Romney references. What do the kids like these days? Nintendo! iPhone! Pornography! Pornography for males with heterosexual preferences! Or males who claim them!

05 August 2007

He's glib, he's tan, maybe it will be Mitt...

In this less-than-impressive Republican field, he seems to know that the best way to score points in the media is to hit Ron Paul with a cheap soundbite.

But by referencing 9/11, is Mitt then implicitly acknowledging the failures of this administration over the past eight years with regards to national security?

I'm not sure. But that is a really nice tan he has...