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12 July 2005

Oh Lord, spare me their fake outrage...

Really, is there anything more tiresome than Republicans pretended to be offended by things? Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean, even relatively mild comments get Republicans out of their daylight coffins in order to offer their huffy conniptions. It would be laughable if there weren't real things to be upset about...

How 'bout treason, for starters? I mean, real Republicans, who supposedly love freedom and America, should be yelling the loudest for a full investigation and wonder about the apparent stonewalling of the current administration, correct?

How about the fact that kids are going hungry in America? This article was on Yahoo for about 15 minutes a month ago and now this is the ONLY example I can find on the Web after doing a News Google search. We could waste our time wondering why this article isn't more widely know, but let's all agree that in 21st century America children going hungry is a disgrace. Oh, this article got replaced in Yahoo with, you guessed it, Cheney ripping on Dean.

I'm sure Bush will comment on either of these stories soon...but while I'm holding my breath I'll donate to my local food bank.

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