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09 July 2010

Mel Gibson and The Human Centipede Rule

Sis e-mailed about the Mel Gibson bombshell, but as I hovered my finger over the "play" button, I couldn't bring myself to listen.

It's not that a childhood hero is going to be destroyed; I enjoyed Gibson's pre-1995 movies just fine, but I'd hardly call myself a fan. I'm also more than willing to accept that he's the shithead the accumulated evidence over the last few years seemed to suggest.

But I don't find this amusing; this isn't Christian Bale being a dick, or Alec Baldwin yelling at his kid, heck, this isn't even Gibson being crazy in the past. This is something I just don't need to hear no matter how much I'm being prodded by my morbid curiosity.

Which brings me to The Human Centipede Rule, which I had decided to impose upon myself earlier after, well, the name of the rule should be clue enough. THERE ARE THINGS IN THIS WORLD WE DON'T NEED TO KNOW. Let's leave this one to the cops and Mel Gibson's God, who, from the way He treated His Son in Gibson's movie, seems to have the same torture fetish Mel has.

PS If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm begging you, don't google The Human Centipede. Just...don't.

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