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15 July 2010

Another edition of Ceee-lebrity Ceee-corner...

* I do feel for Whoopi, I do. It must be hard when one of your friends turns out to be batshit insane. But I'm compelled to point out two things: even if Oksana is a golddigger, she doesn't deserve to have her teeth knocked out, she deserves to be the subject of a cautionary EPMD video. And can we really take Whoopi's opinions seriously, given her past judgment?

And if you think this post is nothing more than an obvious excuse to post an EPMD video and bring up that dinosaur movie again, well, duh.

* And I know there's more tapes of the crazy, but I'm still invoking the Human Centipede Rule, though I need to change the name of that Rule because it brings up unpleasant images each time I invoke it.

* Pervo Polanski stays in Europe. I'm sure, somehow, it's Obama's fault.

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