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08 July 2010

Sorry, Kevin Smith, you have to buy two tickets to ride on Nevsky's Musical Journey...

Once again, my semi-regular feature where I turn on my Pandora mix and just write what I'm thinking as the music plays.

This is as interesting as it sounds. Off we go!

* Rush, "Nobody's Hero"

Well, I'm not the fan bro is, but I do likes me my Rush. And not just the classic stuff, I've been on record saying that Presto is one of their best.

But man, this song ain't good. This is the intersection of all the annoying Rush tropes: annoying three-syllable rhymes, uninteresting riffs. It all just lays there. And yes, I know what the song is about, I'm sure it's heartfelt. Hey, not all of them can be Freewill...or even Roll The Bones.

* Cream, "Sunshine Of Your Love"

Obviously the first thing I'm thinking about is how to talk Jimmy out of whacking Morrie, but this song also holds a soft spot in my heart because it was one of the first riffs I managed to pluck out on my guitar with my dumb, sausaugey fingers. But I never got any better than "Just Like Heaven"...

* Modern English, "Melt With You"

Just like anyone else who watched MTV in the '80s, I can't not listen to the song, but the thing I remember most about the video was the lead singer's forearm, which had a small, but nasty-looking infected cut on it (go check out the video, it's there). I always remember thinking he needed to put some peroxide on that.

* The Beatles, "For No One"

Dammit, why this song? This song always makes me sob. It also makes me think "How can the guy who wrote this and 'Eleanor Rigby' also be the guy that wrote 'Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da'?"

And the reason that song makes my jaw clench is the constant repetition of it in fifth- and sixth-grade music class, as we were forced to sing it by our music teacher...who also happened to be the guy who gave me guitar lessons and taught me "Sunshine Of Your Love". Heavy.

OK, the journey's over, we're returning to the station. Return your seats to the upright position and pull up your pants...

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