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20 July 2010

As a degenerate gambler, this offends me.

While driving down the New Jersey Turnpike on the way home from a long weekend, I noticed that Ann Coulter and James Carville were making a joint appearance at the Atlantic City Hilton, and as a big fan of the dear city, I found it annoying.

My first thought was that Coulter and Carville were both the worst representations of their respective political spectrums but then it occurred to me that Coulter's borderline-treasonous feces-throwing-mango-fucking-gorilla-bullshit-batshit insanity has actually been rendered rather quaint and old-fashioned by the new representatives of the hard right, like a pair of tinfoil pantaloons. Carville, of course, is still as fucking annoying as ever, but should still be certainly effective of getting in a couple of shivs on Obama while he has the chance.

But I shudder at thought of hard-working Americans actually blowing up to 150 (!) bucks on The Scarecrow and Pumpkinhead Show when they could be doing something noble with that dough, like blowing it on the table to poker grinders or running it through that awesome Monopoly slot machine.

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