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22 July 2010

Leveling up to 8 Bits O' Nevsky...

* Demon's Souls are keeping their servers running for at least seven more months - I should be about 42% finished with the game by then. Wait a minute, the game's on Pure White Tendency now? Well fuck this blogging shit, I got to get back on because I might finally have a chance to beat the Maneater.

* Thanks to the GameStop sale and a previous trade, I managed to snag Final Fantasy XIII for sixteen bucks. I don't know why. The only FF game I've ever beaten was the first one. The VERY first one. And the DS cartridge of Final Fantasy III sits on my shelf and taunts me, knowing that Luneth and his friends will never win that stupidly impossible final battle.

* As much as I like a good narrative and a cheap joke, there's a pretty simple, obvious reason Tiger Woods 11 is crashing the SUV compared to last year. Tiger Woods 10, the first one to use WiiMotion Plus, is awesome. Why bother with a new one, when you're going to have to wait for Tiger Woods 12 for the improved John Daly stats...

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