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19 July 2010

Because pointing out racists are racist is racist...

Our ol' buddy Mark Williams went back for a second helping of the white victimization buffet and turned out a letter so ridiculous that he actually got fired as the Tea Party Express spokesman and probably even made Mel Gibson say "whoa, buddy, you need a little self-control". Another man victimized by the racist NAACP!

I admit, I was shocked. First, I didn't realize that this was a paid position from which you got fired; secondly, previous dogwhistles were so obvious that it wasn't too far a step from what these guys have produced, but I guess the barest smidgen of plausible deniability is necessary to enable the fake outrage that occurs once these guys are invariably called on it.

Still, there are questions open for debate. Like, which of Williams' fingers do you think was pre-slickened on his anal insertion glove, ready for action while his other hand lovingly cupped his testicles as he was dictating his letter with the help of Dragon Naturally Speaking software for Windows 7?

I'm guessing the ring finger. With the ring still on, of course.

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