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21 May 2004

Zoom in on the hero, riding into this lawless one-horse town on his Segway...

No, not quite that catchy, is it? Still, an interesting article here on a good citizen thwarting a crime with the help of his trusty Segway.

I was just thinking earlier in the day that I was surprised there weren't more Segways on the road around here. If there were going to show up anywhere, I thought Charlottesville would be the place. A university town with traffic issues, combined with a lot of rich liberals? I wanna see Segways on the sidewalks, dammit!

I have been noticing, however, more and more Prii (I think that's the plural of Prius that CmdrSue and I agreed upon. Priusesesses?) Nice counterbalance to the SUV-driving assholes (NOTE: owning an SUV doesn't de facto make you an asshole, but you better be hauling at least four family members or a load of lumber w/each trip). And what's great about the Prius is it looks like a Jetsons car. In my imagined future, we were driving Jetsons cars, not fucking tanks. (Although I have driven a tank in certain future-based fantasies involving my high school which, given our post-Columbine society, it would be best not to detail.)

Someone's got to get on the ball w/ the cars, though, we've got a decade or so left before those Back to the Future movies look totally stupid.

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