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24 May 2004

Another poker story...

I guess finally posting that first one got the juices flowin'...

One of the things that surprised me while I was playing was that players would call to the river with practically nothing. It got to the point where I thought I could be slick and semi-bluff with crap, only to get creamed on a couple of hands. Still, my inability to throw away decent hands did end up paying off. Example.

I get 9-4 suited on the big blind; I would have probably thrown it away if I had to pay more to see the flop, but there are only callers, and as Teddy KGB said, "Chyeck is goooooood", so I'm in.

Flop comes 9-J-4. I push my eyes back into my head and bet out, get three callers.

A 5 on the turn. I bet out, and I get raised to the player on my left. I immediately think, "Oh shit, he's got fives." The other two fold, but I call, figuring I'm beat.

Don't remember the river, but I check, player bets, I call, waiting to see the fives and resigning myself to being an idiot.

He turns over 4-5. I show my higher two pair and win. Whew! I don't think I would have stuck around w/bottom pair on the flop...

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