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15 May 2004

It's summer soundtrack time!

Yep, tomorrow is graduation day at UVA (and I'm gonna mosey on down to my little Slavic Department diploma ceremony to collect my degree) and with the students gone, we have four pretty sweet, quiet months. Since Charlottesville is known to get into the mid-800s with 47,000% humidity, summer's a time for kicking back w/a nice mint julep, and listening to tunes. Some early contenders for the summer mix:

The Cardigans, "For What It's Worth"

"Lovefool" was poppy and catchy, but this song makes "Lovefool" sound like "Bad Baby" by Public Image Limited. I'm so this song's bitch.

Gomez, "Silence"

Fuzzy guitar goodness. The end reminds me a bit of "Nightmares" by the Violent Femmes...

Morrissey, "Irish Blood, English Heart"

The more I listen, the more me likee. The quirky hard-rocking backing tracks reminds me of the Pixies, and I made my wife giggle when I sang the Oliver Cromwell line. Did Morrissey take those seven years off to grow some balls?

Any other nominations?

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