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23 May 2004

A poker story...

You know, for a while now I've been meaning to chronicle my Atlantic City trip poker for the degenerate gamblers in the audience but haven't quite found the time...still, a couple of interesting hands stick out, I'll write one down while waiting for the Mrs. to return from NC.

2-4 Hold 'Em, I get 6-6. I'm not good enough to know exactly how to play medium pairs like this, so I limp in with about 7 others to see the flop. Three queens. Everyone chuckles/moans, I don't know WHAT the fuck to do, I check, it gets checked around. When a 3 shows up on the turn, and everyone checks to me, I suddenly realize, hey, I probably have the best hand now. No one would check with a high pair, the next best is probably someone who paired the 3. I bet, everyone but one folds. I pray the turn is lower than a 6, and it's a 2. I bet, the other player calls, I win. Not a big pot, but I'm happy for it.

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