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18 May 2004

Doggie treats revisited...

Accolades for Pup-peroni(TM) notwithstanding, I try to support local businesses when I can (although "good citizen" often fights with "cheap bastard" when I shop). I'd be remiss, however, if I didn't give Sammy Snacks a plug, especially after my recent experience. My wife and I turned right on a street which we normally turn left and whaddya know? The famed Sammy Snacks headquarters, often heard about by us but never seen. A nice clean warehouse that smelled not-unpleasantly of dog biscuits with sparsely-decorated shelves, animal shelter literature laid out, bakery racks visible in the background, and a couple of labs lying down on dog beds. It was the canine equivalent of Willy Wonka's factory. After making a small purchase, my wife wondered what happened to the peanut butter treats they sold, and the young man at the counter said there weren't enough left for packaging, but he'd be happy to give her what they had left in the back. So we ended up with about 3 pounds of treats with an 8 oz. purchase.

See? Sometimes "good citizen" and "cheap bastard" can be the same thing. Right, Manhattan Transfer?

"Oh, make sure this prick pays you in cash..."

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