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24 June 2004

We've sighted the Millenium Falcon, Lord Nader...

I've been in a conversation with Ellen about Nader and his impact on the presidential race, a topic on Kos that I've enjoyed following on various diaries but have no desire to participate in.

If Nader gets more than 1% this time, I'll eat a salad. Yeah, I know what he's polling, but since even the Green party isn't sure about Nader this time, he's just going to get the groupies.

Still, I can't feel TOO bad for Kerry, just because I remember freezing my tuckus off in front of Harris Teeter trying to convince people to vote for another candidate, while my partner made the argument that it would be better for the Dems to nominate a centrist that had appeal to former Nader voters than, say, a liberal even liberals thought was a bit of a cold fish.

But they didn't listen, and no, I'm not bitter (my teeth always grind like this). As far as I'm concerned, Kerry owes us all a win, so let him go out there and be electible. He has my help, and he needs to worry about the 90% in the middle, not the two radicals in the presidential race with him.

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