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11 June 2004

Think on the run, baby...

Sensible shoes and shorts? Check.

Television Without Pity Amazing Race "You Have Just Been Philiminated!" T-shirt? Check.

Anti-chafing ointment? Check.

Anti-chafing ointment applicator? Check.

Anti-chafing ointment applicator instructions? Check.

Anti-chafing ointment applicator instructions carrying case? Check.

Yep, I'm all packed and ready to head up to DC to take part in this year's Urban Challenge. The Urban Challenge is a scavenger hunt where two-person teams solve clues that point to various locations around the area, and then either run or take public transportation to those locations as quickly as possible. My sister and I, The Mighty Duo of Wonderfulness, are looking to improve upon last year's 81st-place finish. With my brother and CmdrSue providing technical support, I'm extremely confident that we'll break the top 75 this year!

Still a tad worried about the chafing, maybe I should stop by CVS for an unguent or two...

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