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26 June 2004

Saturday on the Downtown Mall with liberals, farmers, and corgis...

Saturday morning is more or less the same for the Mrs. and I; stagger out of bed, strap the Gentle Leader on Mr. Monty, and get ourselves down to the City Market for fresh produce, coffee, and in my case, basking in the reflective glow of passers-by stopping to pet my doggie. Today was especially chatty; while my wife was in the dog-free area actually shopping for veggies, I strolled around the outside perimeter getting quizzed about Cowboy Bebop and Television Without Pity (wore the T-shirt this morning).

I also stopped by our local theater to see people stretching out on a blanket two hours in advance waiting for Fahrenheit 9/11 tickets. It looked like a Star Wars line without the dressing up (well, I guess some of them sorta looked like Michael Moore by skipping the morning shower), amazing.

Also bumped into my buddy (hi, buddy, if you're reading this!) who met Al Weed this week and came away very impressed. If you have the opportunity, again, read his blog and give him some cash, because getting rid of Virgil "As A Congressman, He's Not Very" Goode would be great by itself, but replacing him with a man of Weed's caliber and character is a chance that shouldn't be missed.

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