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07 August 2010

You can't spell, "Christ, CNN is full of frickin' morons" without "CNN"...

I stopped blogging for a while to help my blood pressure, and it's shit like this that made me quit.

This is the goddamn headline, I'm not kidding.

Small biz jobs bill: FAIL

I know times are tough for news services, but do you have to let the copywriter's 8-year-old Mountain Dew-addled nephew write the headlines?

And it's the same "views differ on the shape of the earth" bullshit that misses the point completely. The small business bill isn't passing because of "Washington gridlock", it's Washington OBSTRUCTION. It's Republicans making sure nothing gets improved because they're going to run on the idea that nothing's improving. They make no fucking bones about it. Waiting for the media to call them on this is like waiting for motherfucking Godot...

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