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26 August 2010

Robert's gonna Hurt jobs in our district.

Reading this article was very depressing (and not just for the doofy comments) because it illustrates the challenge Perriello is going to face with his message and the intellectual dishonesty of the Hurt campaign.

As much as it may be true, "it could have been a lot worse" is not a great political slogan. And as much as the congressman has done to help our district with projects like the Cane Creek Centre and Monogram Snack Foods in Martinsville, and the Robertson Bridge, all these small projects that are making a real difference are being drowned out by the shouts of "socialism".

I think it's only fair to point out that all of these projects are in sections of our district that are not expected to break for Perriello.

And Robert Hurt needs to answer the question, if you think the stimulus is so horrible, which of these projects should be cut? And not in the way his spokesman tries to crapweasel his way out of it:

When asked whether Hurt supported any of the local projects, such as the Robertson Bridge, Harrison said there “may be projects in the 5th District that are worthy of federal funding, but they shouldn’t require a trillion dollars of additional debt and hundreds of millions in other wasteful government spending projects to get them done.”

Perhaps the state senator can spending a little time reading about these projects and the difference they're making in between offering his opinions on Cordoba House and ducking debates.

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