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18 August 2010

Mmmmm, mmmmm, that IS a tasty burger!

Sis sent me this link as Five Guys managed to beat out In n' Out for the best burger in America according to Zagat. As a resident of the East Coast and having frequented the three Five Guys locations in Charlottesville, that's a tough but reasonable call. I'd certainly understand it if In n' Outers (giggle)were puking their guts up at the injustice; on a recent trip to Vegas with the sibs we all made a special trip to experience the mouth-watering glory of the double-double, and we were not disappointed. And given the choice between the two, I'd pick In n' Out for lunch. The burgers are a close enough call but only In n' Out has strawberry shakes. And they're damn good.

Still, I not much of a meat-eater (giggle); once a week tops. And when the boo-boo and I have burgers for dinner, more often than not I make 'em at home. Two ingredients: fresh ground meat from The Organic Butcher and a little seasoned salt. I don't sully the meat with Worchestershire sauce or eggs. I'm making hamburgers, not no goddamn Egg McMuffins.

And while I emulate Five Guys with my home burgers, here's how to make your own double-double.

Dammit, I made myself hungry.

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