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11 August 2010

Robert Hurt: Anti-jobs, anti-truth.

Thanks to our congressman for voting to save teachers' jobs here in Virginia. As he says, this bill is a no-brainer, so of course Robert Hurt is against it.

But it would be nice if in Hurt's opposition he could simply tell the truth, I see three whoppers right in the article without looking too hard. 1) The stimulus bill was under a trillion, 2) the stimulus bill saved and created 3 million jobs while tax cuts twice as expensive as the stimulus didn't do jack, and 3) the jobs bill the Congressman voted for didn't add a single penny to the deficit. Hurt knows that. Or at least he SHOULD know that, I'll freely admit that he could just be an idiot instead of a liar.

But either way, it looks like Hurt is simply going to be a puppet for Boehner rather than looking out for the needs of his constituents.

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