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31 August 2010

Anyone looking for another opinion on that doughy douchebag?

At first, I didn't feel like commenting on the Beck sideshow in DC, he was so clearly a clown it was better for my blood pressure to ignore him.

But then I had a discussion with some friends who I consider pretty reasonable (i.e. Democratic) but told me the so-called Ground Zero so-called mosque shouldn't be built. Oh, no one was arguing they didn't have the right to build their center, but "they should be more sensitive" to others. I pointed out that it's difficult to be sensitive to manufactured fake outrage because there's absolutely no way to alleviate it, but it occurred to me that no one was arguing that Beck was being insensitive by appropriating a definite moment of the civil rights movement for something that was clearly wasn't.

Because, of course, that was the point. By associating his event with the earlier march on Washington, Beck was trying to provoke normal people into a response that would send his followers swaddling themselves in the cloth of false victimization. It was as disgustingly cynical a moment in our history as I'd ever hope to see, and my only solace in it is that Beck can't make himself any more noble by trying to redefine Dr. King's legacy just as last weekend didn't make Dr. King a posthumous douchebag.

Actually, it's not fair to call Beck that, those have at least known the touch of a woman...

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