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06 August 2010

Robert Hurt US Congress: Anti-Reality

Hurt was meeting the Lynchburg Tea Party in a closed event, presumably part of his avoiding-debate strategy, but someone did manage to get in and hear what he had to say, and it seems he's gone the full bibble-bibble-oatbran.

"Joke" about abolishing the IRS. Check.

Getting rid of health care reform? Check.

And let's see what fellow nut Jim McKelvey says he's going to do: "Robert has promised to work to cut or eliminate funding to government agencies which have no constitutional basis for existence". Check. No, wait, what? Is that English?

I would have hoped that tinfoil-hat-conspiracies and Underpants-Gnomes-economics would have gone the way of Dubya, but it looks like Hurt understands the way to woo the hard right is to ditch any and all hints of moderation. Way to go.

Personally, I'd rather have the grownup for a rep...

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