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09 August 2010

Die in a fire, Associated Press...

Seeing this fucking article just burns me up, especially the headline: House members scurry back to pass jobs bill. Ho, ho, using the word "scurry" adds to the image of Congress as vermin, I see what you did there! Never mind that this is a bill to fund jobs for teachers and first-responders that would have been lost if the bill didn't pass. Never mind that the reason this session had to be called because the Senate Republicans ruthlessly filibustered the bill. Ask the people whose jobs this bill will save what they think.

And what's the most galling is that the Repubs knew damn well that there is no political loss for this delaying tactics. The Dems could either call the bluff and let these jobs be lost to prove the point, or they can act like grownups and still get shit like this article.

I'd say if anyone in the modern press or the Republican caucus had any sense of honor left they quit their jobs and devote themselves to doing something more useful, like throwing themselves into a woodchipper for horse feed.

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