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10 August 2010

8 Bits O' Nevsky - Lobster Claw edition

I have nothing but praise for BlazBlue; adrenaline-pumping action, odd (to say the least) but memorable characters, fantastic animation, all wrapped up in a hardcore sensibility that makes the geek in me swoon...but the game does illustrate a horrible flaw with the PS3.

Namely, the d-pad on the controller sucks dick, balls, and shit. Even the Wii Classic Controller does a good enough job on Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, but on the PS3 controller a simple quarter-circle, necessary on any move stronger than a slight breeze, registers about a quarter of the time despite your thumb tendons ripping apart at the seams with the effort. A few hours on BlazBlue and it looks like the PS3 controller is intent on finishing the job ten years of repetitive office work has started on my hands.

Given the game's insistence that you memorize elaborate combos in order to have a chance in hell (OK, there's a beginner's mode but I would sooner go full teatard than use it), I've actually given thought to the purchase of a fighting stick. Normally, I would have called such a purchase a display of opulence on the order of a gold-plated yacht, but I figure now that a purchase like this will allow me a few more precious years before I need to go on disability. My buddy (similarly addicted to BlazBlue) got the Hori Fighting Stick and likes it; it's surprisingly big but it certainly works. Combos were easier and it was ergonomically pleasing, it also brought me back to those nostalgic days when people used to play in these ancient meeting halls called "ar-cades". And at fifty bucks it seems reasonable considering some other options. I'll continue to shop but if there are any recommendations from any other gamers out there please feel free to add your comments.

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