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30 September 2004

Kerry won. Deal with it.

I did watch the debates, ok, actually, I paced around my friends' house holding a baseball bat and listened to the debates while my wife and our friends sat down and watched it. Kerry won it, pure and simple. You can say he didn't knock Bush out, and you'd be right, you can say it wasn't that big a victory, and you'd be right, and with an especially articulate argument I might even be convinced it was a draw.

But if you think Bush won this one you're definitely biased, and probably a douchebag.

The bottom line is that Kerry stood up straight, gave strong answers, and appeared presidential. Bush spent a lot of his time hunched over giving stock responses, getting flustered and upset, and pounding his podium in order to compensate for his platitudes. Bush had the tougher job, to be fair, since he actually had to defend policies with which Americans may not have agreed, while Kerry just had to convince the audience he could do the job. He certainly did that tonight...

You wouldn't know it, though, if you watched CNN afterwards. I thought I was joking about Wolf Blitzer in my previous post, when apparently I was cutting him slack. Thank God we watched a little Chris Matthews or I would have thought the world had gone mad...

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