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12 September 2004

No time for rest...

My wife and I had two canvassers for Al Weed come visit us today. My first thought was that perhaps this was preaching to the choir, since the street is lined with Kerry and Weed signs (we just got ours yesterday), but they stressed the importance of getting out the base, and most importantly, giving Weed cash. He's got a shot because of his appeal to the rural areas, but without TV ads he's sunk. I know the Kos Dozen has the lion's share of the attention, but Weed has been such an intelligent candidate and such a frickin' improvement over Virgil Goode (as the air is buffeted by thousands of Republicans nodding in agreement simultaneously) that it pains me to think he won't be able to break through the election gridlock of gerrymandered Congressional districts.

Al Weed is the congressman VA-5 deserves. Please click on the link above and give him a few bucks. I'll be your friend.

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