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10 September 2004

"I'm not arguing, HE'S being an asshole!"

You may find it hard to believe, but I do have Republican acquaintances and friends whom I generally respect. A few months ago, I even respected their political views; they were disappointed with Bush, saw the gap between Bush's performance and traditional Republican values (the bloated government, the bloated deficit, weak national security credentials and "orange alert" bullshit), and a couple actually considered voting for the Libertarian candidate (Motto: "There's creamed corn in my lederhosen! Bibble-bibble-bibble!")

But as the election approaches, most of them drank the Kool-Aid and they're becoming harder and harder to talk to. Finally, when one told me about how Kerry would put the U.S. armed forces under the control of the UN, I just said "You don't REALLY believe that bullshit, do you?" and walked away. I give up, and I respect you guys who actually still try to get through to some of these people. Galileo would frickin' say "You motherfuckers are obstinate in the face of facts, ain't ya?", and my blood pressure just can't take it anymore.

We're going to have to save these fools from themselves, and they'll kick us in the teeth for it...

UPDATE: OK, some people are still utilizing critical judgment...

(Bonus points for the subject line ref. I bet CmdrSue gets it...)

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