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01 October 2004

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present Losey McLoserton and his All-Loser Orchestra!

The more I think about Kerry's decisive victory last night, the more I like it. But what is even making wingnuts temporarily honest was Bush's horrible performance. He was clearly unprepared and flustered, and as the night went on you could see it in the body language. My favorite part of the debate (I hope they showed it on the Daily Show) was Dubya sulking off stage; when he noticed Kerry was standing in the middle of the stage he started to stick around, but Laura pulled him off while Kerry, tall and proud, was waving happily to his supporters. Spin THAT, a**hole.

I wish Kerry did a couple of extra things, though. He needed to shove that "mixed messages" crappo back up Bush's cornhole. There was no reason he couldn't say "I think it's a mixed message when you say things are going well on the campaign trail when your OWN INTERNAL DOCUMENTS say otherwise". I also would have liked Kerry to comment about all the hard work Bush is supposedly doing; if the job's too hard for Dubya, I'm sure his daddy can find him a nice easy one in a few months.

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