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31 December 2010

Time to dust off my old friend...

Yep, I actually went back and fired up the ol' Wii Fit Balance Board, because while I find New Year's Day to be an arbitrary bullshit signifier with no real meaning, the fact that I can't see my cock when I look down in the shower anymore isn't.

And after greeting me kindly and saying it looked forward to a Happy New Year (why, thank you!) I was informed that it was 634 days since my last visit (ewwwwwwww) and that I gained back the fifteen pounds I lost since then (double ewwwwwwww). Fortunately, Wii Fit is perfect for losing ten-fifteen or so; all I need to do is what I've always known I've needed to do, start exercising again (want to), eat a little better (need to) and chill with the late night snacks (HOW TO?????).

That last one's the killer, I really fuck myself bad with those 9 pm snacks, usually a bowl of cereal with a milk/half-and-half mixtureI KNOW I KNOW IT'S HORRIBLE OK? DON'T YOU THINK I WANNA STOP IT?

I've set my goal, back down to a fighting weight of 149 (-12 pounds) in three months...sigh, I know blogging is inherently a navel-gazing activity but I wish it wasn't so literal here.

1 comment:

thomas said...

Good job, keep it up - I really think the hardest part is deciding to lose the weight. The fiancée and I just picked up Wii Fit last week, and we both have some fitness goals on it. It seems pretty damn fun and a good motivator.

Gotta cut that half & half shit out though =P