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26 December 2010

8 Bits O' Nevsky - In Space, No One Can Hear You Shit Your Pants Edition

Just played through the Dead Space 2 demo for the PS3 and I'm glad I did. Long story short, it's very good at what it does but I've clearly been spoiled by Resident Evil 4 (hey, who hasn't) and, oddly enough, Dead Space Extraction.

You probably noticed that both of those are for the Wii, and I really miss those controls. Maybe the right thumbstick for aiming isn't that big a deal for all you FPSers out there but I have a little trouble with that and that's a recipe for disaster in this game.

I also am a not a super-huge fan of the game's tendency to throw enemies at you from all sides without giving you some sort of radar tool to know that they're coming. You're supposed to detect them through the surround sound, and believe you me, when all you hear are footsteps from a corner then you're ready to wet your power suit. But when the game spams enemies at you (particularly one scene) it's hard to get a bead on them when they're getting cheap shots at your back.

Having said that, the demo was 30 minutes of mostly fun (save a tiresome stasis puzzle), but I can definitely wait for a few months until the price drops to $30...

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