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29 December 2010

Good luck, VA-5...

This is the guy that wasn't good enough for you.

I agree with Mark Warner's assessment, though, if Mr. Perriello decides to stay in politics, it won't be the last we see of him.

And having spent twelve years with Virgil Goode as our rep, I'm very thankful for two years of non-embarrassment.


thomas said...

Local mobilization has to be a large part of the failure. Local politics are not as sexy to many voters as national politics. However, I think it's the local politics that have the most tangible effects on the lives of the majority of voters.

nevsky42 said...

Thanks for your comment. I don't know if you looked at this article in The Nation, but its author theorizes the key to Hurt's victory was to take out the local issues and "nationalize" the race. I don't think anyone who saw the debates can reasonably argue that Hurt came off as more informed about local matters than Perriello.

What I found most depressing in that article was the determination that although Perriello was given high marks for delivering for our district, that wasn't going to be enough for him to win. You'd think these people who are always puling about "the politicians" would be the first to reward good performance.