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22 December 2010

Our new congressman, everybody...

Hate to say "I told you so"...wait a minute, I don't hate that at all.

U.S. Rep.-elect Robert Hurt, who last week was named to the House Financial Services Committee, has received more than $127,000 in campaign contributions from the financial industry that the committee oversees.

And the apologists are already flooding the comment box with comments about Reid, Pelosi, and "everyone does it", clearly ignoring the last sentence in the article.

Perriello did not accept donations from federally registered lobbyists or corporate political action committees.

It might be nice if you just freely admitted you voted for the corporate shill because of the (R) next to his name. Let's just not pretend that things like "doing a good job" and "free from corporate interests" were important in November's elections...


thomas said...

I've learned that democracy and capitalism are incongruent, especially when combined.

nevsky42 said...
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