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07 September 2010

No one said it was going to be easy...

And I agree with Lowell that this poll that shows Congressman Perriello only down by two is too good to be true. That six percent for Clark looks VERY suspect to me, unless it weighs Charlottesville heavily and the Repubs there are punishing Hurt for blowing off their debate. Still, I find it very hard to believe that Hurt is up by twenty-six. Al Weed didn't even lose by that much, did he? I think even the gloaters on the forums won't take a fifty-buck bet that Hurt will win by that. Of course, as the congressman undoubtedly already knows, a win's a win, even if it's one vote.

If it is close (and at this point, who the hell knows), then the congressman has a shot because his organization was tops at getting out the votes last year and perhaps he can combat the general malaise that's gripping the country re: Democrats. But this district's demographics definitely work against him.

And even though piling on Perriello seems to be the hip thing to do in the Virginia political blogs, even I have to say I'm not a huge fan of his latest ad. While there's no question Robert "World Of" Hurt is a corporate whore, I think the Congressman has been the best salesman of himself, and this ad keeps his screen time to a minimum. I'd love to see an ad detailing very specifically the projects he's brought to the 5th (which even Hurt can't bring himself to criticize).

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