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20 September 2010

Another edition of "What John Cole said"...

This comment about recalcitrant liberals is so awesome I'm going to copy as much as I can without breaking copyright law...

"Good god, you insufferable firebaggers never stop, do you? You’re trying to push me into putting a straw into a Laphroiag bottle, aren’t you?

IT ISN’T ABOUT YOU. IT ISN’T ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS. It isn’t about your pet issues. The grand total of the membership for people who care about all your specific pet issues is one. It’s you.

This is about the direction of the country. Every single one of us can list multiple ways in which Obama, the Democrats, and the media have let us down, but still, until you progressives with all the answers start changing the minds of the electorate at large and Dennis Kucinich wins precisely ONE goddamned primary, you are stuck with what you have with the Democrats..."

Fortunately, I'm in a district with a great congressman and will happily vote for him, but for those that would actually think for one second about letting Boehner and No-Chin control things, really...

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