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05 September 2010

We still great power! Our cars superior!

Mrs. Nevskaya showed me the hot new viral video in Russia; a little background, Pootie-Poot was pootie-pooting around in a Russian Lada car to show the strength and durability of domestic cars. The problems here are a) Putin took three yellow Ladas on his trip, presumably in case one of them broke down b) all the other cars in the ridiculously large entourage were clearly of foreign make, and c) the punchline occurs at around the 2-minute mark, where the third yellow Lada is on the back of a truck and the audience assumes (not unreasonably) that it must have broken down.

Here's a British blog article on the whole debacle, and those students of Russian language and linguistics will no doubt delight at the curse words thrown around.

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