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04 November 2008

A voting story...

My wife and I got to our polling place at 6:05am and were greeted by a line that already stretched out the door and around the building. As we settled down for what would eventually be a 1-hour wait, we congratulated ourselves for getting there but kicked ourselves for not bringing some coffee as some of our fellow patriots did.

A few minutes later, an Obama volunteer started walking down the line handing out granola bars and breakfast treats to people on line (with no loyalty test, I might add). My wife and I declined, but Mrs. remarked about how she wouldn't have minded a little water.

A couple of minutes later, another volunteer came down the line with bottled water. We shared one and smiled.

And then I swear on all that is holy, just as I was thinking to myself, "well, it was nice of them to offer the snacks and water, but all these bottles and wrappers might mess up the area," a third volunteer came down the line with a garbage bag offering to take empties.

If the Obama administration is run anything like the Obama campaign, we're going to be juuuuuust fine.

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