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16 November 2008


I'm surprised bro didn't pick up on this, actually...

I'm not linking to this Stephen King review because I'm excited about the new book. With one exception (see below) I haven't read a new book from Big Steve in about fifteen years. although the thousands of his pages devoured by my siblings and I have stayed with us long enough so that phrases like "waking jaunt" to indicate tedium have crept into our collective vocabulary. No, follow the link for the comments section, which quickly (d)evolves into reminiscences of fave King books and short stories, bringing me back to a warm place in my adolescence, usually warm 'cause I just pissed my pants after getting scared from reading It.

My faves, The Long Walk and The Running Man are mentioned often; aficionados will quickly note they're technically by Richard Bachman, King's pulpier alter-ego. Thanks to bro I read Blaze last year, the reworking of an early King reject under the Bachman alias, and I was shocked by the page-turnyess of it. It's highly recommended if you haven't checked it out yet, especially for those who still pick out the Bachman Books from time to time to remember that scene when 38 gets his legs run over by the halftrack.

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