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02 August 2004

I wish I lived in Virgil Goode's world...

Virgil Goode, the congressman for our district, perhaps most famous for (other VA-5 residents feel free to correct me) switching from the Democratic party to the Republican party after being elected as well as floating a proposal to have the National Guard patrol the US-Canada border, states that Virginia will vote Bush and he will win his congressional seat again because, well, Virginia is Republican. And Mark Warner was elected Governor NOT because Jim Gilmore ran this state into the fucking ground and lied to state legislators while doing so, but because Warner had more money. You see, in Virgil Goode's world, constitutients never take note of the performance of their elected officials. I guess all of that anecdotal evidence I've heard of Republicans voting Libertarian this year or staying home is just wrong.

If you read this article, and get as mad as I did, won't you consider throwing a sawbuck Al Weed's way?

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