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29 August 2004

Guess I'm kind of a man after all...

After my humiliating last-place finish in a home poker tournament two weeks back, I returned to the scene of my disgrace vowing not to finish last, and actually surprised myself with a second-place finish (out of 6). Basically, I won my ten bucks back.

When we got heads-up, though, I was outchipped about 5-1 and really never got back into it. With about 1000 chips left and 100-200 blinds, I was called with 6-3, flop came down J-4-5. My opponent checked, and I went all-in, my mistake. It would have been much better to call an all-in bet than go all-in with just a draw and nothing else. My opponent called with a pair of fives and I didn't get my straight. Liked the way I played a lot more this time...

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